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Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Fed Cup list finalised?

Failed to spot and add to my Los Angeles list(saw them elsewhere), Reddish Egret and Stilted Sandpiper during the weekend. Shorebird migration has begun.

They updated MW, Eastern and Middle States.

MW, quite young. 3 from last year; Allen, Hewitt, Crowley.
And added Yarlagadda(who has been playing pretty well lately I believe), Koscielski, Stearns, Jackson.
Jackson is probably the only class of 2021 player along with Connie Ma from No. Cal(they played each other at EB).
Only Allen and Koscielski are from the class of 2018, and everybody else is younger.

Eastern, also 3 from last year, Schrage, Lim, O'Dell.
Added Graver, Tartakovsky, Cerdan. Rather a veteran team; Cerdan and Tartakovsky are class of 2019, and everybody else is older.

Middle States, none from last year. Sassoli/Shrivastava just won Clay G16 doubles.

Overall, per class, top 50 players(TRN);

2017, 8( #10 Schrage, Chen, Meredith, Kerr, Moulin, Bojczuk, Rice, Rompf)

2018, 20. 11 of top 20 are playing(#4 Ewing, #6 Zein, #9 Zhao, #10 Jankowski, Kessler, Lim, O'Dell, Campana, Choy, Madurawe, Ngounoue)

2019, 13. Top rankers #7 Forbes, #10 Hewitt

2020 top rankers #6 Navarro, #8 Gallagher
2021, #5 Jackson, #7 Ma

Some top players from last year are absent, but still a pretty solid entry, and many young talents debut.
As usual the top 3 might vie for the crown, MW, Southern and So. Cal.
I'm guessing probably Southern vs So. Cal final, but we'll see.
Not going to SD for the National(which I've been attending from 2010), so looking forward to this home tournament. Thinking of birding Salton Sea next month, to spot Laughing Gull, Bronzed Cowbird, Wood Stork...

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