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Monday, July 17, 2017

2017 Fed Cup roster

Not all of them are released, for example So. Cal and Middle States (although I heard Jankowski is an automatic selection due to winning Henry Talbert), and Midwest only Allen and Hewitt(it looks like Alyvia Jones moved to Louisiana?), Eastern only Tartakovsky. Northern as well.

Lots of turnovers(infusion of youngsters). Some sections only have 1 player from last year, for example Joyce from NE, Moulin from Florida, Frazier from SW and Gallagher from Intermountain. Nor. Cal and Southern have plenty of them though.

Mid-Atlantic should be interesting.  Lots of quality players joined the team. Subhash of course is an elite(her first selection), but others are pretty good as well. Ngounoue is famous for her doubles prowess, for example.

All in all, methinks Southern is still pretty strong. Lost veterans who played top of the singles lineup, but good young players like Forbes, Beck and Navarro(already declared for Duke. Duke really does get early commits) debuts. Bojczuk debuts as well, as one of the few class of 2017 players, who's also quite good, boasting good variety.

Intermountain, Texas, Florida and NE lost some core players, but good youngsters replaced them, so it'll be interesting to see how they fare.

Wonder if SW can equal last year's 6th standing. They continue to produce some good players, for example Stein who debuts. Nor. Cal as well, looks pretty solid to me.

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