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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

More on 2017 Fed Cup

The reason I think Southern is a strong contender;

Not many big stars(Chen and Subhash are probably the most well known, and they're of course very good). There aren't many outstanding players like last year. So Southern could be quite competitive in the upper positions. And moreover they have good depth.

Doubles. Most outstanding players last year were terrific in doubles as well; Bolton, Li, E.T.s, McNally..
This year, hard to top the Southern lineup. Class of 2017 trio(Meredith, Rice, Bojczuk) are all excellent(Rice just went deep in Clay doubles with her younger sis), and Forbes won doubles with Alyvia Jones. Kessler is also very good. Navarro, conquered the Doubles scene with Beck; one of the best of her class.


So. Cal.
Plenty of experienced players. So could be quite competitive at the top, with good class of 2017 players and very strong class of 2018 players. Have plenty of firepower as well.

MW, the loss of Daavettila, Jones and McNally is huge, but we'll see how those youngsters step up.


A very fine selection of class of 2020;

No top 5(per TRN. McNally isn't playing this time and Beck withdrew), but;

6 Navarro
8 Gallagher
12 Stearns
13 Tran
14 Stein
15 ABC
21 Edwards
30 Zhang
36 Lin
41 Corley

10 players, quite a lot, and most of them are Blue Chips. They might contribute significantly to the team.

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