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Monday, July 31, 2017

More on USC recruiting

Dunno why they got axed; is it because of recruiting, or not.
Anyway if it is related to recruiting, it means that they want to recruit the best players like in state rivals.

It's 3-fold problem for the Trojans;

1. Can't recruit the best local talents.

2. Don't have National network like UCLA. Check UCLA's 2014 NCAA roster; all over the place lol.

USC tend to recruit nearby, such as Colorado and Nevada; Leimbach, Andrews, Smith..
Interestingly Sedona just revised her school at TRN; dropped UCLA and USC.
Now Cal Poly, Cal., Oregon, Pepperdine, UCSB, UW, so those teams gotta hustle lol. She has defeated Volynets and Jankowski.

3. Foreigners. Recently only recruited Olmos(she did eventually play #1, couldn't win though).

By the way, wonder what this means;

Like the class of 2017, many elites just turn pro, maybe because of rule change lol. So many elite teams are now looking for elite foreigners, Stanford included.

As I said before, USC gotta have top 1 and 2 who can WIN; look at all recent NCAA/NTI team winners; Embree, Capra, Gibbs, Anderson, Carter/Loeb, Fabikova, Sharma, Davidson, Woolcock..

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