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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Rant] Why Jersy Shore? Cape May!

It's not like Jersey shore is that good? Give me Star's Hollow any day(Gilmore Girls)! I mean, one can even get inspired to read Proust from watching GG(yet I haven't even finished book 1 lol, although I did finish 4/5 of Joyce's Ulysses and Gibbon's Decline and Fall of Roman Empire)...!

Cape May is the Premier birding Hotspot in the whole U.S.!

Top Hotspots

Updated ~10 hr(s) ago.
1Aransas NWR (CTC 037) (Aransas Co.)368
2Cape Island--CMP (Cape May Point)368
3Plum Island365
4Hayward Regional Shoreline363
5Cape Island--CMPSP (Cape May Point SP)361
6Parker River NWR361
7Bosque del Apache NWR358
8Cape Island (Cape May Co. south of the Cape May canal)358
9Laguna Atascosa NWR (LTC 024)356
10Sandy Hook355

Especially renown for Hawk Migration.
4 of top 10 spots are in NJ lol(Cape May complex and Sandy Hook).
NJ should be named Bird state, not Garden State!

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