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Monday, July 31, 2017

Scenario for attending the National

I don't know I'm even allowed to attend, after that umpire woman 'ejected(man she seemed relish it!)' me from IW lol(I was stomping out then anyway, vowing never to return).

Of course am reluctant to 'incur' the further 'wrath' and crazy stalking/taunting of Baptiste's psycho dad. Can't she retire already lol. Or injury, am I too wicked.

The problem is, she teamed up with Douglas; I fear they might go far. Not good.

I really want to watch G16, to see those promising youngsters such as Marsh, Miller, etc., aside from promising doubles teams like Beck/Jones, Crawley/Stein, etc.

By the way some class of 2020 players are playing G18...! McNally of course, but also Beck, Cheong, Edwards, Stearns, Volynets, Zhang..Kalieva is class of 2021. I dunno why they're so impatient to play G18(what's the hurry) but we'll see how they fare.

Maybe they can 'shunt' Baptiste to SDSU lol, so I can freely attend Barnes.

Hope I can at least watch the final, again hoping for a free lunch from Mr. Law! Probably Anisimova vs Liu singles final, but we'll see about the draw.

Possibility of encountering the legendary Paul Lehman while birding is another strong inducement for 'braving' the trip to SD lol.

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