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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

USC] Class of 2020 recruiting

Saw a Golden Eagle at Angeles National Forest - Red Box today morning. It was mobbed by a couple of Ravens, and it was huge! Twice the size of Ravens. My only 2nd sighting, and a far better one this time. Glided right over me.


USC got 2 transfers, hence they have 4 sophomores(HS class of 2016) now:

Kulikov, Van Alphen, Weissmann, Branstine

Which means, they can recruit 4 players from the talented class of 2020.

Needless to say they need to recruit top players, and there are plenty.
It's never too early. McNally is likely to turn pro, and Duke already got Navarro.

The problem for USC is, there aren't many Blue Chips from California(USC usually recruited local players, say unlike UCLA).
Volynets and Ryngler are proven elites, and that's about it.

My favorites are Noel and Beck, but they're from the East, and likely other elite schools will get them.

May I respectfully suggest Stearns and Kiss(lower ranked so they may be more 'gettable'). I'm tired of Trojans getting blown away lol. I want Power hitters.

USTA Girls' 18 National Clay Court Championships Start Date: 7/16/2017 End Date: 7/23/2017
Girls' 18 Doubles (Draw Line - 3)
64 Noel/Stearns d. (1) Brylin/Lim 6-1; 6-4

The Easter Bowl ITF Tennis Championships Start Date: 3/25/2017 End Date: 4/2/2017
Girls' 18 Doubles (Draw Line - 29)
32 Butera/Kiss d. Ewing/Stearns 6-4; 0-6; 10-7

USTA International Spring Championships Start Date: 3/20/2017 End Date: 3/26/2017
Girls' 18 Doubles (Draw Line - 22)
Q (5) Arango/Mandlik d. Ewing/Stearns 7-6(6)); 7-5
16 Ewing/Stearns d. (4) Bolton/Mossmer 6-4; 5-7; 11-9

Newport Beach Bowl ITF Start Date: 3/11/2017 End Date: 3/19/2017
Girls' 18 Doubles (Draw Line - 1)
SF (3) Graham/Stein d. (1) Ewing/Stearns 3-6; 6-4; 1-0(9)
Q (1) Ewing/Stearns d. Gadalov/Muljat 6-1; 6-0

Both are also excellent doubles players.

8 Blue Chip players are already playing Fed Cup.

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