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Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 Clay National Day 4] PNW vs Northern / Hawaii vs MV

Not many coaches left on the final day. Kansas, Gonzaga and Texas Tech coaches came. Others who stayed were ASU, Cal., Vandy, Auburn, UNC, Pepperdine, Cornell, etc..

PNV vs Northern

Singles matches carried on, from the day before.

#1 Lin was probably too good, a bit more powerful. Maybe Lambert's condition wasn't too good.

#2 There was a long dispute late in the match, so can't really say. I think both hit rather well..

#3 Cayward has impressive firepower. Not too consistent, but powered through. Methinks it was a good match actually.

I think #4 match was also ongoing, but didn't have a chance to watch it.

Hawaii vs MV

#1 Maybe Fossorier was more powerful but committed a tad too many errors methinks.

#4 Later came by because I was rather impressed with Mannix's form watching from the verandah. Moves well, doesn't fear the net, etc..had to leave because of TCC matches.

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