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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2017 Fed Cup] All Stars


Many changes so not sure really. #1 Forbes/Jones lost in the final, but Chen/Zhao played #1 for the first time today, and they in fact lost to Eastern's Schrage/Graver at #2. Allen/Crowley beat that Eastern team, so they should be the #2 team(won all matches).

Goldsmith/Jones also won all matches at #2.

You know what? O'Dell won all doubles matches. Especially impressive in beating Ewing/Jankowski and Hewitt/Stearns, belatedly partnering with Lim at #1.

Frazier/Corley also won all matches, including beating Navarro/Rice at #2.

Lamoreaux sisters defeated Bojczuk/Meredith(won all matches methinks?) at #3.


#1 Forbes. Appreciated her game more watching her battle Jankowski. Won all matches, only lost a set to Stein. Subhash also won all matches.
 Honorable mention to Gallagher, who defeated Jankowski and Joyce. She should've played Stein today though :p

#2 Ewing. Super powerful today, overwhelmed Kessler. Won all singles matches, only losing a set to Kessler. Honorable mention to Campana. Schrage was super impressive today, against Hewitt.

#3 Navarro. Won all singles matches, only lost a set, and it's not to Chen lol. Lost to Goldsmith(was quite impressed with Goldsmith, by the way. Didn't know she was that consistent). Heavy favorite to win National G16 singles. Honorable mention to Goldsmith.

#4 Jones, who else. Glad she made it, subbing Beck lol. Severely tested by Zhao today, but in the end, her Golden backhand held on to the win(that bh duel was mp, Zhao eventually netting it). Only lost a set to Zhao, who had an impressive serving today(I think her service game was shorter than Jones??!!!).

#5 Dunno. Lin today defeated Meredith yet lost to Sakar. O'Dell defeated Jackson today yet lost to Lin. In fact it's Sakar who won all matches, defeating Lin, Ma and Merrill. Corley won all matches, but didn't get to play ABC. Sydney Jones also won all matches.

#6 Kerr I guess. Defeated 'Tart'(who had a massive win today against Allen) and Rice. Redelijk also won all matches, including doubles.

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