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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 3] So. Cal vs Eastern / Midwest vs Southern

So freaking hot. Had to change pants! Couldn't bear the humidity. Thankfully later in the afternoon, wind blew, and thunder struck.

More coaches; Auburn, Vandy, UCLA(with her daughter, blond one), Cal(denounced that 'Cupcake' to him..haha)..Westmont?

#1, MW, certainly the more powerful, but committed too many errors including at net. Was concentrating on watching Maeve though, so couldn't really watch much. Alyvia once lobbed deep, and followed with an approach bh volley, not easy to do that, running full tilt. Great body balance and ball control. 
As usual served excellently(one of the best servers in the tournament).

#2 Definitely a very good win by MW. Briana's subdued performance was due to Kessler; really defended well, those attacks by Briana. And K herself attacked the opponent at net, effectively, driving hard. Emma didn't wear a visor during doubles, and again her serve was a problem, once got broken methinks, and that was probably crucial? Losing 4-6. Briana did at the later stage make some crucial plays; probably their combined net attacks were probably a bit better. Once they approached after Briana volleyed, inducing Emma's error.

#3 Was impressed with Maeve. Really good at net, great volleys. Drove solidly, as well. Really, not bad at all. Y also has good variety. This match finished last, credit to this MW team, considering that the Southern team were the bigger and better drivers.
Tatum's footwork seemed pretty good.

Mad didn't play singles; sign of confidence? After all she did beat Mateas.

#2 Didn't Kessler beat Dolehide at the National; does Hewitt hit bigger??! Certainly seemed so. Court looked small for Hewitt haha. Not very consistent, but her firepower was probably too much. Still K herself served well, and was altogether more solid, hence the tight score.
Later when I came back later in the 3rd, K DFed twice, got broken(3-4?); that was crucial methinks. Was Hewitt's ball out? K thought so.

#3 As I said before, Peyton, with a mere flick of her wrist, can create massive width; just such a talented hitter. But too many errors, Emma was probably the more complete player. Hardly makes errors, and managed to retrieve those massive shots. Peyton was taller than Emma.

Dunno why Alyvia is playing...#4 lol. She has defeated Ena at the Winter National(finalist that year)..just too good. Bh superb as usual, even attacking. Briana tried, but can't win a bh duel against her(very few can, methinks).  Alyvia also applauded some of Briana's fine plays.

#5 MW, the tennis Mecca, just keeps on giving; talents of course. Emma Jackson. Could handle Tatum's pace, no kidding. Could even attack with power. Sure Tatum made tons of errors, but Emma was super impressive today. Maybe anticipated well, against Tatum's sharp angled drives.  I mean she won the 3rd set(she's like half the size of Tatum!)...Now I want to watch another MW product Karina
Tatum once said sorry after benefiting from the net cord.  At times approached the net, logical choice considering her size advantage.

#6 Ally serve and volley. Just exquisite variety. Not dissimilar, compared to Kolie. Once applauded Kolie's fine play.

Southern squeaked by, even with former MW teammate Alyvia playing for Southern haha. Can Alyvia make history tomorrow, winning 2, each time playing for the other region lol.


So concentrated on MW vs Southern(naturally, I'll always prefer to watch those regions. So many good players, and precious 'guests' at that), hence couldn't really watch this match much.

Still managed to watch the final stage of doubles;

#1 Cali needs to practice overhead haha. Soldiering on, despite experiencing a personal loss. O'Dell played #1 doubles this time, naturally, a 'hidden' weapon lol(she's a very good doubles player).

#2 Didn't know Rage had such good net defense. MP was Sophia's unreturnable serve. A huge win for sure, defeating Kelly team.

#3 Lin at this position is almost a guaranteed win(she pretty much dominates local tournaments). Should be interesting against Southern tomorrow.

#1, that's another very good win by Cali against Limsanity.

#2, maybe Rage was too spent after yesterday's adventure haha.

#3 missed this one as well, #4 too. So. Cal didn't lose a set from 1 to 5..

UNC watched singles #5 & 6;

Amber's bh seemed strong.

Sonia volleyed well. This match actually went to the distance, I see. She hit quite well, against Jen, that's impressive.

Sophia (Graver) looks like a future vocal leader haha. She was the 'caper' today, wearing that Texas flag! Lol. She watched later Texas vs Mid-Atlantic match.

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