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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 3] Texas vs Mid-Atlantic / Florida vs NorCal

Florida van was a mess haha. Jackson Pollack effect? What does #thief mean. Like Texas drew their state map.

NorCal van, unimpressed :p

Sportsmanship winner today didn't play. Choy either, due to injury sustained yesterday.

Surprise guest was Hanna Chang, came with her father.

Baton touch? From Gabby Andrews to Jada Hart? Haha, she today manned the desk a bit.


#1 Ellie really stood out in doubles, volleying well. 

#2 So this is Alana. Served and attacked serve pretty well.


#1 Caro seems to have trouble finishing shots, especially short balls, sank tons. Still the bigger hitter. Alana is a lefty.

#2 Kylie really is a good hitter, Fh looks like Brooke Austin's, quite a compact form.  That's really a good win by Niluka. Kylie played the TB rather poorly.

#6 Watched a bit, Nikki too good. Elena's drives sailed just a bit long, approaches weren't bad.


Texas vs Mid-Atlantic

Managed to watch the later part of doubles, after watching Florida vs NorCal;

#1 Adi shined at TB, making sharp plays.

#2 This combo is quite impressive this tournament. Even defeated Subhash team, no kidding. They both seem to serve well this tournament.


#1 Watched only a bit, but Adi's aggression served her well. Could return and attack Natasha's high pace drives. 

#2 Tran applauded Marlee's fine plays. She seems to handle high balls well, perfect execution(not easy, doing that). Hit very sharply, was surprised. Another talented player from the class of 2020..

#3 Definitely a quality match. Malkia had some lapses, but Jayci in best condition. Doesn't commit many errors despite hitting aggressively. Moves quite well, too. Altogether a rather flawless performance. Applauded Malkia's nice plays.

#4 Alexis too good?

#5 Was Zoe the blond one, wearing a cap? Zamani, long sock and black headband? Seemed quite even. Cap-wearer even doing a 'Graver', trying to harness her power.

#6 Gulihur, uber aggressive, almost always. Hits very flat. Zhang seemed quite tall.

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