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Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 4] SoCal vs Southern / SW vs Intermountain

Final started before 2pm, thankfully I thought, but Gallagher sat out, so missed both marquee matches between her and Stein, too bad.

SoCal vs Southern.

Must be Megan. How can I forget that cute face haha. Megan Heneghan, one of the first junior players I saw play at So. Cal Sectional(with Jordan Brewer, etc..)! Is she working for SoCal USTA or what, she was rooting for SoCal. Haven't seen a UC Davis match after she graduated..

Everybody contributed from So Cal; only Kerr won both(from the other side, only Navarro).

Have to give credit to So Cal coach. I was wondering why Chen wasn't playing #1 doubles, and she finally put her up on the final day. Her invaluable experience must've helped defeating the Clay National champ.

Not only that, she newly teamed Jankowski with Kerr at #2, another gamble, and it paid off splendidly(J played #1 with Ewing till the 3rd day).

Play of the tournament came from Alyvia, making a difficult touch shot winner later in the match(TB), eliciting exclaim from college coaches. Did she DF later though haha. Forbes made 2 crucial errors as well, surrendering the lead methinks. I think Alyvia returned Kelly's serve quite well; methinks she's just a good service returner, later returned Zhao's serve well, too.

Cali served well, also poached, probably crucial to the win. Bojczuk/Rice passed well. I thought Southern were winning, and since I had to watch #3 doubles, didn't know who won(they didn't use the main stadium, hence couldn't watch all 3 doubles matches simultaneously. This match probably finished 1st). One of the deciding factors in the match, since B/R are better known doubles players. Maybe it was all Thea during Clay National..haha(the sisters made the semis methinks).

Southern wasn't risking any chances. Put down #2 team to 3 to counter Lin doubles. Still Colling/Lin won 4 games, impressive. I thought they defended quite well.

Forbes was just too solid. Cali probably self destructed, netting tons, injecting massive pace to her flat drives. Still this was an improved version of Cali, with better variety and bh. You have to hand it to Forbes. Cali still has work to do, in defense, but surely it's a good thing. Think what she can do once she improve in that aspect. Defensive lobs were rather weak, got pounced.
From Winter Nat., Cali hasn't won a set in 3 tries against Forbes methinks(she just lost to her at Clay). Surely her nemesis.
Nice handshake.

As I said, Salma maybe too powerful. Nice form, too, on both wings. Kessler had real trouble against her power throughout the match. Still won a set, but as in her Hewitt match, DFed twice in 3rd, and got broken, trailing 1-3 methinks.

Couldn't really see much, but the points were long. A shocking win by Emma for sure.

As I said, Zhao's serve was cracking. Only had a lapse in mid-third, and that probably was decisive; DFed twice and got broken. Still Zhao was hitting well, so Alyvia had to summon all her resources to consolidate; showing iron will, held on to her bh, nailed whipping fh drives, serving well. Probably one of the best matches this tournament. Z once applauded her ace methinks.
Duke continues to corner the So. Cal market lol. Recently got Alyssa Smith/Makarova/Chen and also Zhao. As I said, probably 3rd in rank in nagging So. Cal talents, after Stanford and UCLA lol(the tragedy of USC).

Mad won 5 games in a row trailing 0-5 in the 2nd lol. Eventually made to TB, helped by Lin's errors. But Lin herself is quite a powerful hitter, and Mad just self destructed, as per her routine haha.
She in fact played quite well, hitting solidly and moving well during that 5-game winning stretch.

Depth mattered; Beastern and SoCal winning both singles positions, 5 and 6.
Shocking win by Jen, but she has been playing pretty well for a while. Could hold her own against Tatum, so many points were long. Had fewer lapses than Lin methinks, and Tatum eventually floundered, sinking tons. Approached the net but was foiled by Jen's compsure methinks.

SW vs Intermountain

SW painted 'SW' on their arm(who had that long team name gaudily painted on her Not yesterday).

That was not an easy win at #1. Castelino was quite tall, and played well, poaching, etc. Good combo with Burger.  Lauren did well to clinch the match.

#2 Couldn't really watch much, but Henderson must be pretty good; newly teamed up with ABC, and won 4 games against Frazier/Corley. Once repeatedly hit her head with the racquet in frustration haha.

Only could watch the later 3rd, the match seemed pretty even.

Henderson actually won? Against Nelson? Wow. ABC didn't play singles. 


That's it, emailed National tournament desk regarding attendance and the 'hazard' of Baptiste's crazy dad, and he referred it to tournament director, that's the same Lornie Kuhle as in EB, so not expecting much. Hope for a quick decision, either way.

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