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Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 Fed Cup Day 4] Texas vs NorCal / MW vs Eastern

Forgot to add William & Mary(Tribes not Tribune I guess). And was WSU(Wichita St) coach coaching one of the teams(MV)?

Naturally concentrated on MW vs Eastern, but had a look of Texas vs NorCal from time to time.

Texas vs NorCal

That familiar Texas color pants lol, Maybe it was their secret weapon!
Man the Texans were loud!

Zein was weirdly lackluster at first, leading to them getting bageled. Adi once attacked Caro serve to good effect. Niluka really is a good player; another revelation this tournament. Poached well.

Again a solid performance by Goldsmith/Jones, passing well, etc.

#1 Adi won a set from Caro, quite an effort.

#2 That wasn't an easy 1st set by Zein, Niluka pressing her relentlessly.

Jayci just does everything well. I initially thought she was offense-oriented, but came to appreciate her other aspects more this tournament. One of the most solid servers this tournament, and moves quite well. Defense is quite sound, and is also a sharp enough passer. 


MW vs Eastern

Shocking denouement, when was the last time MW lost to a team other than Southern or SoCal..?

#1 Hewitt/Stearns too erratic, maybe too many lapses.

#2 Graver/Schrage really is a good team. Rage really volleys well, and Graver was as usual aggressive. Crowley did well to serve and return serve(especially Graver's) well. Finally managed to turn around, from 3-4 to 5-4, poaching, etc.

#3 Cerdan's firepower troubled the MW team enough. Jackson was also very good in doubles..


Offense is the best defense; tiny Rage holding her own in firepower, and scoring plenty of winners; even aced. Hewitt was maybe too erratic but kudos to Rage's aggression. Hewitt showcased her long leg by just climbing over the low fence(after the 2nd set?), not bothering to use the small door..haha.

I'm not sure how good Stearns' defense is. Is it her being rather slow or is it a reach problem haha. Maybe Cerdan's drives were just that good. This match was fast, way ahead of other matches; because what with both hitting aggressively, there weren't that many long points lol.  Stearns served rather well methinks, and was cracking drive bombs now and then, also committing gazillion of errors. Did she leg-through once..! Looked clumsy..!

Graver. Fearless. Super aggressive as usual, and it might've carried her through. For example mp was an ace. Zein returned the 'favor' the day before, rooting for Graver lol, without the Cape today(methinks Zhang wore it earlier in the day). What is with those two haha.
Crowley led later in the 3rd I believe, and certainly was more consistent, but had trouble coping with Graver's power throughout the match.

Jackson really moves well, and her bh slice is also very good. Quite a good balance of defense and offense.
Amber showed how to beat this enfant terrible; prolong the rallies, making the match that much more physical. Sound defense, strong bh and looping fh. Jackson's errors piled up(but not much). Won in tight 2 sets, just shows how good Jackson is.

'Tart' ! Another revelation, methinks she got better than at ISC. Just really sound overall. Allen was probably a bit more powerful, but not by that much. Finished last, so couldn't really watch the later stage(had to watch doubles, etc.).

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