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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

2017 National] 8/8 pics

Already 9pm and only ate dinner. First is first;

Finally birded Famosa this morning for about an hour;

Was again hoping for a miracle like that alternate plumage Cape May Warbler male at June 5th lol(this was even after I spotted alternate plumage Bay-breasted Warbler male and White-eyed Vireo, with the help of local veteran birder Nancy Christensen! Best day ever), but no luck. Orange-crowned warbler though, looked like brighter western subspecies lutescens. Same spot, south end puddle. A couple of Song Sparrows were quite active, moving from south to west end.

Spotted about 20 species, can't expect much this time of year.

 Northern Mockingbird
 Hummer, not sure which, Anna's or Allen's. Can't be Rufous?

I give you Osprey! Quite near, had trouble focusing though. Once was mobbed by a crow. It later flew over Barnes at 10:02am; pointed it out to coach McInerney!
Double-crested Cormorant. Yellow patch on face.

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