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Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017 National] Back home & the Player of the day 08/12/17

Safely back, too tired so will write detailed recaps tomorrow.

Coach Nilsson asked so told him about the Baptiste/Gregg incident at EB. Also told Mr. Law, who has been attending the National for a decade, about the incident.

Suddenly both UCLA coaches materialized behind us(we all were watching Volynets vs Forbes I guess) so confessed ma 'crime' to coach Sampras-Webster lol. So embarrassed!

TAMU coach asked about my blog so gave him the address.

Had a nice chat with coach Anundsen and Manasse. I begged him to lay off So. Cal talents..haha. Also reminisced about that memorable 2015 NCAA final.  Says Duke area is deuce humid! SD was so pleasant(it was actually quite cold in the late afternoon!). I already miss it lol.

Steve Pratt came, so greeted him.

Had to compliment the 'Golden Girl'. She was a veritable Midwest Assassin this tournament lol, defeating Stearns, Bolton and Jones in a row during consolation! Match against Lahey was also quite competitive.

So will she be the Player of the Day?
Nah, I'll pick Alana Wolfberg. So impressed with her performance, and she actually defeated Subhash, what a feat. And she won by attacking, not just retrieving! Coach Balogh and Anundsen seemed interested in her.

Douglas's whereabouts(college) still shrouded in mystery, inquired about her but still no news. Pretty prudent it seems. Now not really many talents left in the class of 2018, including the top 2, Liu and Douglas.
Douglas probably carried all the way to the final, after all she really impressed me in doubles during ISC and EB. Whichever team gets her(I'm told she is going to college) will be deuce lucky!

You know I can't watch Baptiste match(I mean he kicked me even before threatening me at EB lol, and I'm prudent. I don't want to imagine what harm will come to me if I actually watch her match! I'm a good boy, I'm very respectful of the parents' wishes! No need to court danger); so if I can't watch a doubles match, what's the use attending. So just decided to go home.

Oh wait there is a 3rd/4th place I could watch Bolton/Jones once more lol, but eh, too tired.
Alyvia and Elysia you really should've won today..haha.

Just my luck, local 24 fitness center pool/jacuzzi area is closed till next month -_-

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