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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 National] Best match and Player of the Day 8/9

It's past 10pm now(last doubles match finished around 9:30pm).
Not sure if I can write the whole recaps, so just some brief posts first;

Best match, naturally

Liu/Johnson def. Cusano/Goldsmith 2,3

Player of the Day, hence Gabriella Cusano.

This match was literally Gold, I really didn't want to leave! I actually wanted to watch this match in full, but alas...that's the 'tragedy' of a tournament! You gotta give your love to others as

At first Goldsmith was crap lol, couldn't drive, but Cusano was surprisingly competent from the get-go.
Then Goldsmith finally woke up, executing her gorgeous drives, even eliciting forced errors. Also poached quite aggressively.
And Cusano kept on going strong! First excellent defense at net, and even passed sharply at times. She was just fabulous!

Even though they lost the 1st set, they actually led 3-0 in the 2nd! Wasn't discouraged at all, and were just playing fabulously. They were 'seeing' real well, although execution was bad(not really bad though) at times.

I kept going back and forth between this match and marquee WF vs Merrill/O'Dell match, but frankly there was no contest; this match was by far the best quality, among all the doubles matches I saw today.
I was actually reminded of that Match of the Year, National doubles match Jones/Pothoff vs Black/Neel. Or EB Beck/Goulak vs Chen/Liu this year.

Anyway had to concentrate on WF match from then on, and I see that the winners won all remaining games; no matter. TAMU should be real excited. And whoever recruits Cusano also lucks out, as well. I mean I was frankly expecting a blitz, since Johnson/Liu is a title contender, and reknown for their doubles prowess. That was just a shockingly competent performance by the Texans; loved it!

Now was that Casals? Why did she move back, I didn't have any problem watching, she relinquished the shaded area..haha. So SJ's parents? followed suit.

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