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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 National] G16 doubles 8/9

Coach Balogh came so joked to him that if Iron Maiden plays for Pepperdine they might win NCAA next year!  Asked him about Burrage and he said she's a very aggressive hitter, could've been one of the college Greats; turned pro.

USC(al) both coaches came today. UCLA, only the first day(Ma vs Pielet, etc.), and since not seen. I need to apologize to coach Sampras-Webster about

Coach Lumpkin and I reminisced about Kelcy Tefft while watching the TB of Lahey/Sanford vs Hewitt/Stearns(She mentioned Buck too but I think it was before my time. I only saw Tefft play with Frilling at 2009 NCAA College Station)! Also complimented Lilien to her.

A certain junior player told me I'll be the first to know about her college choice! My star informer :) No new recruiting scoop this time though!

Surprise guest was Gugu Olmos! Materialized in front of me lol, glad to see her. When I said to her that I 'heard' she's traveling around the world with Desirae, she actually pointed her(Krawczyk) out to me, who was having a violent love tiff with you know who(I've written about my surprise encounter with Desirae at OU during the Big 12 Final)!
I've noticed her(Gugu) lil' sisters' name on the applicant list for the National, and she told me they didn't make it this time, maybe next year, and told me to be there! Who knows I'll still be able to attend by then, we'll see...

Wore a Westbrook jersey and later got 'recognized' or poked lol, by Oklahoma coach, not sure who she was and coach Balogh told me she 's OU coach. I just googled and is it Audra Cohen? The legend? The official website doesn't show anything, and recently coaching turnover in Div. I seems pretty high, dunno. Didn't have a good look at her, she walked quickly away..haha. Anyway thanks! Who doesn't love OKC? I love underdogs, don't you? :) Unlike 'Cupcake', who took an easy way out, Westbrook is da Man!

Can't bother to refer to what I wrote/poked down, just writing from memory now.

 16 (13) Crawley/Stein d. (2) Despain/Guevara 6-4; 6-1

Upper tarpaulin at court 9 obscured the view, too bad(was trying to watch both matches, this and the following match at court 1).
Surprisingly easy win, and even more surprising in that they seemed to do it quite effortlessly. I mean D/G are elite doubles players, older of course, and these youngsters had no trouble getting the upper hand..I keep touting Stein but she's just damn good, just does everything well. Even Crawley was very impressive today; hence the win in 2 sets. G poached and passed at times, but they had an overall subdued performance today.

16 Brown/Miller d. (9) Marsh/Navarro 7-5; 6-7(4); 15-13

Coach Balogh at least watched, and Hrastar had a peek too.  She was later joined by the winners Crawley/Stein, and those 'gang' were blatantly rooting for Dirty South(was Cubitt there as well? Not sure)!

Naturally concentrated on this match since this is only the 2nd time I've seen Marsh play(she lost consolation singles). Watched from mid-match till the later? 2nd, then left to watch other matches like the stadium match and the neverending court 11 match, and when I came back, it was match TB.

Navarro couldn't dominate the match, and that says something about this Midwest combo. This time Miller also shined, was quite solid today. Marsh made some errors including at net. The brightest star here is of course Brown; mp was that too, her brilliantly defending N's net attack at net, and right away making a fabulous flying poach to the win. But M/N were sufficiently good to make it to TB in the first place.

16 (3) Corley/Pielet d. (11) Broerman/Mills 6-4; 6-2

Could watch later along with the stadium G18 match. B/M were surprisingly competent, frankly was expecting a blitz. I see that this match actually took long to finish. B really is a good player.

16 (5) Collins/Yaloz d. (14) Andreach/Garcia Gross 6-2; 6-3

16 Ahmad/Arbitman d. Kane/Mathews 6-4; 6-1

Really too bad I missed K/M again! Well I did watch them play 3? days ago..

16 (15) Goldsmith/Wagner d. (4) Kourkina/Sorokko 7-5; 4-6; 10-5

Tragically the last match was the longest Every point neverending. This Russian 'unit'. I've already praised them from that memorable Winter National win(against Gillas/Kung). Same as then, and by now probably more aggressive in that they actively aim to pass. The master of resetting points; returning looks so easy lol, even overheads. Not only Kourkina, Sorroko really is one heck of a player. Slow slow quick quick. Retrieving endlessly, then can suddenly up the tempo and go on the attack.
I've praised Wagner enough, again really shined at net, returning all those K/S's sneek attacks at net; really remarkable.  And she also trusts her teammate. So no problem communicating. No mishits(she let G hit plenty of balls at the backcourt).
A reliable source has told me that Goldsmith is a heck of an hitter a while ago, and O really appreciated her game this time. Really, hits so well, flatly, and also can hit early. Not only that, has really good variety as well, she seems quite smart, luring the Russians to the net employing drop shot, etc. G/W did make some errors, for example overheads, and they actually trailed 2-5 at TB. Remarkable turnaround, but they wanted to finish it early, and they did manage to execute flawlessly, finally piercing the Russina's rock solid wall, an herculean feat. Kudos to both teams.

16 (17) Mills/Ross d. (6) Boch-Collins/Pursell 6-4; 5-7; 12-10

Shocking. I thought BC/P would win, so didn't watch.

16 (17) Blake/Redelijk d. (10) Chan/Gallagher 7-5; 6-2

You know what, this match started first lol. Was one of the last matches to finish! No kidding! So finally had a chance to watch the later stage lol, and C/G harassed the winners to the end; not only G, C actually was quite good. R was very active at net, executed well too.

Now 11:40pm. I haven't even showered yet! Maybe I'll just write 'precious' doubles recaps first and abandon writing about

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