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Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 National] G16 singles 8/10

Q Connie Ma d. (8) Lauren Stein 6-3; 6-4

Totally forgot about this and when I belatedly came to court 1(probably was concentrating on Hrastar vs Crowley and Cubitt vs Gallagher match at the opposite end of the venue), it was already the last game. Stein couldn't even win a set...!  Oh well I was thinking I would see Stein later in doubles, and she'll play tomorrow as well?

Later Mr. Law came! He scolded me why I wasn't watching Chinese Liu during I'm not Chinese!). Told him there's another good Chinese prospect, Connie Ma.

Q (9) Angelica Blake d. (3) Emma Navarro 6-1; 6-2

Blake so efficient. Same as in the Winter National when I first saw her. Concise drive form, almost clinical hitting. Could hit early. Seemed to be in good condition, so was winning rallies with ease, that was some performance. Not an upset of course, Blake is a top player and a class older than Navarro. Even her net approaches and finishes were good.

Q (4) Sedona Gallagher d. (33) Maggie Cubitt 6-2; 7-5

Mainly watched the 2nd set. Cubitt is just so talented. Made like twice the winners than G, but also more erratic. G hardly makes errors. Again C's serve deserted her.

Q (14) Nikki Redelijk d. (1) Fiona Crawley 6-2; 4-6; 6-4

Didn't really watch, was first watching Crawley's bf Hrastar lol, then Cubitt whom I haven't watched much, and then, had to watch doubles lol. When I watched simultaneously with G18 doubles, C was certainly more aggressive, but also committed more errors. R has now defeated bigger hitters Corley and Crawley, but that's her tennis. Returning well and super solid. Not dissimilar to Gallagher, I'd say...that match tomorrow might take long.

R5 anna Roggenburk d. (17) Britt Pursell 6-4; 6-4
R5 (33) Nikita Vishwase d. Gracie Mulville Wo (pc)
R5 (12) Reilly Tran d. Katherine Duong 6-3; 6-3
R5 (17) Kylie Collins d. (7) Dasha Kourkina 2-6; 6-4; 10-8
R5 (33) Jaedan Brown d. (33) Katrina Scott Wo (inj)

R5 (6) Briana Crowley d. (16) Ava Hrastar 7-5; 6-1

Hrastar was leading 5-2 when I sat closer in the shade. Thereafter all downhill lol. Not because I was wearing a Westbrook jersey I hope! It wasn't like I was taking sides, I just wanted a good match :)
H's huge effortless drives is a delight to watch, but C moved better and was more solid. H pretty much self destructed after some rallies.
H mini jumps just before returning serve, but she sometimes did it too late to return serve effectively methinks haha. I think she returned better when she didn't even bother to jump!

Later when I was watching farther back, right beside Cubitt vs Gallagher match(so I was watching both matches), who comes to sit in front of this match in the shade(where I sat earlier); Douglas and her coach? Looked like Douglas lost, by the look of it(as I said I don't have time to check match results lol). Too bad I couldn't watch her singles matches thus far. Maybe tomorrow? Can't watch doubles though, you know why. I'm very respectful of parents' wishes!

R5 (17) Alexandra Yepifanova d. India Houghton 6-1; 6-4
 R5 (33) Carmen Corley d. Hailey Stelse 7-5; 6-3
5Q anna Roggenburk d. (17) Zoe Howard 6-4; 6-7(4); 10-3
5Q (33) Nikita Vishwase d. (33) Maxi Duncan 6-2; 6-2
5Q (12) Reilly Tran d. Lindsay Hung 6-1; 6-2
5Q (7) Dasha Kourkina d. (17) Michelle Sorokko 6-3; 6-2
5Q (33) Jaedan Brown d. (33) Anna Campana 1-6; 6-1; 10-7
5Q (6) Briana Crowley d. Rachel Arbitman 6-1; 6-2

5Q India Houghton d. (13) Addison Guevara 6-3; 6-3

Pretty tight. G was aggressive, but also committed some errors after rallies. 

5Q Hailey Stelse d. (15) Karina Miller 7-5; 6-2

St was quite good, was impressed. Hit well. 

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