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Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 National] G18 singles 8/11

Again can't bother to consult notes lol. Maybe when I have more time.

Not many coaches left? UF, Duke, UVA, Pepperdine, TAMU, USC, Oregon..probably more, but can't think right now.  Was coach Forood present today? She's quite retiring(as I said, a Great Horned Owl! Apex Predator..haha, 'preying' on top young talents! Top of the food chain as well. Recruited Bellis and Gordon for 2017, that says it all, eh?), so I may have not noticed today.

You know, I think Duke is definitely interested in SJ. I mean of course she expressed high interest at TRN. If Duke snags her as well..Alyssa Smith/Makarova/Chen/Zhao/Johnson. That's just too much lol. I get Duke is the Harvard of the South, but California schools should 'defend' some top local talents!  One of its 'victims' is USC, for sure..since unlike Stanford, UCLA and Cal., USC usually only recruits locals..

As usual, location counted in watching matches.

R5 (17) Katie Volynets d. Jennifer Gadalov 6-2; 6-1

Too bad only could watch the start of the match. The points were actually long, I thought another triumph of 'Gadalovism' was impending lol, but V is too solid for that I guess. V has had two very tough losses against Osuigwe, at EB and this tournament. Which means, naturally, that she's one of the very best.  And this despite her petite size. Little Giant, for sure. As I said again and again, she has absolute control on her drives. That's why she can hang with anybody.

R5 (15) Abigail Forbes d. (17) Anika Yarlagadda 6-1; 6-2

R5 (17) Alyvia Jones d. Elvina Kalieva 6-3; 6-2

Watched the 2nd set or something. Points were long. Definitely not an easy win. Probably the decisive difference was serve. And Jones kept her aggression, another reason for the win. Kept on attacking, so could finally gain the initiative. If you won't or can't attack, Kalieva definitely will, with her rather effortless drives. Such a talent, at such a young age.

R5 Jayci Goldsmith d. (13) Elysia Bolton 6-4; 6-3

I mean really, Jayci how can you improve so much lol. Shared our surprise with coach Weaver!  She even slices well. Strong on both wings. And not only hits great, can actually keep the ball in play. She even executed a drop shot, for chrissake. Moves so well, hence could return all those potent drives by Bolton and Stearns today. Serve, has been serving well from Fed Cup. She's even pretty...haha.
Bolton probably couldn't believe it(Jayci's performance) either lol, kept smiling in disbelief!

Now what should I nickname Jayci. Goldsmith so Golden Girl(she's blond)? I think I nicknamed that to another player before, can't remember who. Maybe it was Jayci?

Golden Girl and Tart(akovski) surely are MIPs this year. So impressed with their improvements.

R5 (33) Niluka Madurawe d. (4) Maria Mateas 6-4; 1-0Ret (inj)

Only start of the match. Mateas not too good, but she was more solid. Huge winning the 1st set by Madurawe. She goes to Dartmouth..!

R5 Naomi Cheong d. (33) Salma Ewing Wo (inj)
R5 (17) Alana Wolfberg d. (1) Usue Arconada Wo (inj)

R5 (33) Natasha Subhash d. (11) Ellie Douglas 6-3; 6-3

Yup, I 'braved' and finally got to watch Douglas lol. Had to! I mean she's one of my favorite players, even though she teamed up with Baptiste..haha.
Many players boasted exquisite backhands today, these two were no exception. Subhash's net approaches were again effective today; possible in the first place because of her power drives.
And this Subhash lost twice to Alexa Noel; very choice few can subdue Subhash with defense and variety; Noel can, and that's one of the reasons she's my favorite class of 2020 player!
Douglas initiated the hug after the match.

5Q Jennifer Gadalov d. (17) Anna Brylin Wo (inj)
5Q (17) Anika Yarlagadda d. (9) Taylor Johnson Wo (inj)

5Q (17) Alyvia Jones d. (33) Mia Rabinowitz 6-4; 6-2

Mia tried. Not without effort. Could definitely prolong the rallies, at times even attacking sharply. But Jones was relentless. Managed to pierce Mia's excellent defense. Her superb serving also helped.

5Q Jayci Goldsmith d. Peyton Stearns 6-4; 6-3

If Jayci was content to retrieve she could not have won. Attacking is the best defense; and I dunno how she could return all those drive bombs by Peyton lol. Moved so well! I think Stearns' defense could get better, movement. Her lapses are like tax; she just hits so low. But such effortless hitting. 

5Q (33) Niluka Madurawe d. (16) Chelsea Kung 3-6; 6-0; 1-0(5)

Too bad I missed this. Location, location.

5Q Naomi Cheong d. (17) Samantha Martinelli 6-1; 6-1
5Q (17) Alana Wolfberg d. (17) Stephanie Schrage Wo (inj)

5Q (33) Natasha Subhash d. (17) Marlee Zein 6-3; 6-3

Location, location. So could watch alongside with Jayci vs Peyton.
Zein's drop shot is exquisite. Did so well. Subhash was definitely more powerful, but Zein herself could attack the corners.

Q (8) Whitney Osuigwe d. (2) Claire Liu 7-5; 6-7(8); 6-4

Couldn't see much, had to watch consolation matches..haha.
Another play of the day was Liu's difficult high bh volley return winner against O's lob, which was a 2nd set point methinks.
The pace was naturally monstrous; was it my illusion but O seemed to be the better hitter. Just a bit, but still. Liu seemed to struggle a bit trying to handle O's power. I mean, she moved well, and of course attacked well, but O seemed a tad more effortless.

Q (3) Ashley Kratzer d. (6) Michaela Gordon 7-5; 7-5

Great effort by Gordon. She's such a good mover, and such a solid hitter, hence could have a tight match. As before, I think she made some UEs trying to crank up the pace; netted quite a lot. Should she have played more conservatively? Dunno, but I think trying to attack better is always a good solution..K as usual showed good variety, big hitting..both were quite emotional.
Oh you know what, Kratzer is another player who I've been touting for a while lol. The proud product of So.Cal(is she still training here?)!

Q (12) caty mcnally d. (5) Ashley Lahey 6-4; 6-3

Watched some. I think movement counted; M better in that category, so could also attack more effectively methinks, like passing. But L's super aggression troubled M enough. 

Q (33) Kelly Chen d. (10) Ann Li 6-3; 2-6; 7-6(0)

Couldn't really watch much, I'm afraid. So can't really form a coherent expression. Chen is such a good mover, and her serve as usual, is a very dependable weapon. Who can forget that Super final between her and Mia Horvit at the Winter National! That match had everything, huge serve and drives, exquisite variety, terrific movement..

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