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Saturday, August 12, 2017

2017 National] pics 8/11

As I said I haven't had the time to bird much, at all. Yesterday morning at Mission Beach and then Bay, plus Famosa a bit before heading to Barnes.
Really not many birds this time of year.

Target species was Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, and glad at least I got that one, even though it's a juvenile at Famosa north channel. Not a new species for me but haven't seen it this year methinks.

 Heermann's Gull
 Long-billed Curlew
 Willet(on the left, grayer one) and two Marbled Godwits
 Plumage seemed different, on those two. Just in different stages(most likely), or could one be a rare one, a vagrant? Should sent the pics to the experts..
Immature Western Gull ?
 European Starling
 New sign
 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron juvenile. Adult is much more striking

 Quite worn Black Phoebe
 Song Sparrow
 Spotted Sandpiper
 Cassin's Kingbird
 Mallard, domestic version?

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