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Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 National singles draws out

Quite bad.

Super top heavy, and Baptiste is on the other side, ugh. Barnes her first match, me no likee.

Baptiste manages to elude all these: Anisimova, Jones, Meyer, Li, Douglas, Liu, Lahey, Chen, McNally, Hewitt, Sanford, SJ, Ewing.

Did Mossmer withdraw?

Line of defense against Baptiste:

Kalieva first, Elvina I'm counting on you lol.
Then Kerr
Then Rage/Burger

Don't like it, but believe Mateas or Gordon should eventually do the job.
Coach Forood should give Michaela some incentive on the possible match lol.

Cali meets Forbes yet again, possible rd of 32 match.

G16, not much better. Biggest injustice in Navarro vs Ma rd of 64 match.
They're two heavy favorites to win it

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