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Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 National] G16 doubles 8/10

Girls' 16 Doubles

Q Brown/Miller d. (13) Crawley/Stein 6-2; 6-4

Marquee match so pretty much watched the full match, had to abandon the below match for this(watched most of the 1st set of that match anyway).
C got passed, and B/M were just too good. C/S weren't winning the drive battle in the 1st place, hopeless like that in the 1st set. B as usual pretty flawless in every department, including serve, and Miller especially played real well today, hence the rather easy win. Plenty of fine plays at net, whether defending or poaching. That hold at 4-3 in the 2nd was crucial.
C/S certainly rallied, S at times producing monstrous pace, also volleying rather exquisitely. Definitely made the match competitive in the 2nd set, no small feat.

Q (5) Collins/Yaloz d. (3) Corley/Pielet 6-0; 7-6(6)

It was just shocking. Yaloz outvolleyed Pielet, and Collins' power was probably even more effective that Corley's. Dunno if it was a smart game plan but P wasn't prominent at net at all, a rare happenstance. C/P just weren't playing well at all, were just being outplayed.
Had to watch other matches so left, and at the crucial moment at match TB Y made a lucky volley winner lol. That's practically the only point I managed to watch.

Q (15) Goldsmith/Wagner d. Ahmad/Arbitman 6-1; 6-2

A/A were certainly solid, but not as good as the Russians. So W was rampant at net lol. Had to leave to watch the marquee match.

Q (17) Blake/Redelijk d. (17) Mills/Ross 6-3; 6-1

Could watch along with the marquee match. M/R weren't bad at all, M's firepower certainly could pressure the Floridans, and Ross made plenty of smart plays as well(she's the shorter one, I presume? Once applauded). The Floridans were too good though, rather dominating the net and such.
Clemson watched this?

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