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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Lesson of the Baptiste/Gregg incident

I've been bullied when I started watching junior players(hence took a year off), but there was one exception;

I've mentioned it before; Savannah Ware's dad.

He approached me and talked to me in a civilized manner. I thought his request reasonable so complied of course. We parted ways in good terms.

It's like night and day compared to what Baptiste did at EB lol.

What he did; getting suspicious is one thing. To act like he did, requires an extraordinary commitment. Malice too, of course.

Have to question his upbringing lol, resorting to crude violence, kicking, threatening and stalking me. Stupid too of course; you never know who you're dealing with.

The lesson to parents; do THINK before you ACT, PLEASE!

This kind of incident doesn't reflect well on the sports of tennis, at all. What are we to think of this sports when we are just reminded of crazy, insane and psychotic parents? This sport itself is crazy enough already, what with so many disputed line calls and cheating, tantrums and breakdown of players.

I'm so glad I discovered birding. One really needs to get away from this craziness.

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