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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My final? word on Mr. Baptiste

I'm getting tired of getting bullied maybe because of my petite size.
I want an example. This Baptiste guy should be DEAD.

I mean, let's say B gets really lucky lol, goes to Div. I college, and miraculously gets invited to WAATC.
Now, that guy will probably try to poison me against the tournament directors and such. I saw him actually doing that to elderly tournament goers at EB lol. Yeah, that's what he does; he's a SCUM.

The problem for him is, WAATC knows me lol. I've been attending that event for years. Last year, the director? even invited me to the cafeteria and personally escorted through all the menus. What I love most; free meal!

So, will she believe me, or this strange rank novice that utters unsavory words lol.

I really want to blackball Baptiste against all the prominent Div. I coaches here. Already mentioned it to Cal., and even if I can't actually succeed, I sure can try. As I said I know plenty of coaches.

But why bother? How nice I am! But I guess ranting here is indirectly doing it anyway lol, since some coaches actually do read it(they actually asked me to provide this blog address, you know?).

If somehow he reads this and gets provoked, and inflict some more stupid violence to me, all the better. Think about the Civil Rights strategy, MLK brand. His tactic was to deliberately provoke the racists and goad them to act violently, in front of TV; succeeded perfectly!

I really dunno why they even bother to come here. I really don't want to see their faces; they sure can play in the East, like Tulsa and Eddie Herr/OB, no?

She should just turn pro; try it for some years and get broke in the process, what do I care.

Am I being overly harsh here? I think not. That EB experience was a shocking trauma to me. I don't want it to happen again. As I said, as a preventive measure, setting an example. 

It's already 10:42pm, too tired and not sure I can write more detailed recaps for today. And consolation matches start tomorrow 8am. We'll see..

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