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Friday, August 11, 2017

Paul Lehman says

Should bird there on the way back home I guess. Only limited birding this time, only spotted like 30 species..

6773New Semipalmated Sandpiper San Dieguito

  • Paul Lehman
    Today at 7:26 AM
    Friday morning there is a new juvenile Semipalmated Sandpiper at the drying wetland off the Dust Devil Trail at San Diego Lagoon in Del Mar. As usual, park in the lot along El Camino Real. The bird is in the long narrow pool immediately to the southwest of the main pool. It's with a flock of 20 Western and Least sandpipers. The bill is straight and stubby although perhaps just slightly longer than the average semi bill and the bird also totally lacks rufous on the scapulars that the juvenile Westerns all show. It also looks marginally stubbier bodied than the typical juvenile westerns. On the main pond there is a Sora walking around, a typical fall arrival. We have had five lesser yellowlegs, one of which is an adult, but so far no sign of a Solitary Sandpiper.

    Paul Lehman, San Diego
The bunch of Peep here at the dust devil Trail all got up and flew, mixed around, some departed, some came back, and the semipalmated Sandpiper is currently AWOL for the past 45 minutes. The total of lesser yellowlegs present has now reached a healthy 12 birds, 11 juveniles and one adult. Still no Solitary Sandpiper. Be aware that around midday and much of the afternoon, if it is warm and sunny, there is bad lighting and too much heat haze distortion to be able to study the smaller shorebirds very well from a distance. So, one should come here only early or late in the day.

Paul Lehman

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